Bishkek is a capital and largest city of Kyrgyzstan. Today Bishkek is being an economical, financial, cultural and business center for many businessman, travellers and expats. 

Bishkek situated on north side of Kyrgyz Ala-Too range at an altitude of 600-800m. There are plenty of beautiful mountain gorges, lakes, waterfalls and skibases such as: Alamedin gorge, Kol-Tor lake, Ala-Archa National Park Sokuluk waterfall, Zil, Chunkurchak and Too-Ashuu skibases.

So, if you come to Bishkek by business purposes or just travelling for a few days, and you have free time to explore the city and mountains that surround the city.

AdvenLife Travel offers you options for one or two-days trips for hiking, trekking, horseback riding, history buffs, skiers, snowboarders, train lovers, and even for people just looking for a beautiful place to relax.


– A day trip to “Alamedin” Gorge

– A day trip to “Alarcha National Park”

– A day trip to “Kol-Tor” lake 

– A day trip to “Burana Tower” and “Issyk-Ata” gorge

A day trip to Belogorka Waterfall


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