Kyrgyz people for a years were the nomadic steppe people who used to ride horses. They said that the horses are wings of man.  Staying at every place for a short time they changed their encampments, moving from one to another pastures driving numerous flocks and horse herds at that.

Men hunted on horses, got food and fed their families, played different games on horseback, and even fought on horseback. So the horse was not just an animal, it was even a best friend.

Thanks to such a favorable and stunning nature of Kyrgyzstan, exploring the counry on horseback will be unforgetable and adventurous because you will enjoy the view of snow covered peaks, green alpine meadows full of horses, sheeps, cows of nomadic people who staying in the mountains with their families, visit the most picturesque places and also get in touch with their culture and life as part of the horse tours. You will experience living in Kyrgyz yurts (tents), have local food and kumus – horse milk.

Horse riding tours

– Horse riding tour from Kyzart pass to Song-Kul lake

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