Duration:: 1 Maximum Group Size:: 12 Distance: 8km walking Distance: 60km by car Min Alt:: 1984m Max alt:: 2250
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The Belogorka gorge, located above the village of Sokuluk, is remarkable for its unusual relief, which contains traces of a giant landslide and the highest in the whole of Northern Kyrgyzstan 60-meter waterfall, known as the “Belogorka” waterfall.

This gorge is significantly different from all the others in the Northern Tien Shan by the abundance of high rocks, the slopes of which ooze with many springs and streams. The end of the road in the gorge opens up an impressive panorama of the waterfall falling from a great height, almost vertical rocks and a magnificent peak Black spire, remarkable for its unusual shape.

It is necessary to tell more about the waterfall. Belogorsky waterfall is one of the highest waterfalls in the Tien Shan and the highest in Northern Kyrgyzstan. Water erupts from a height of 60 meters in a turbulent and affluent stream. Splashes from the waterfall are felt in about 200 meters, and standing near the waterfall is cold even on the hottest day. The giant column of water formed by the waterfall is already visible in 10-12 kilometers from it.

From the end of the road to the waterfall only three kilometers, because it will be able to get to a person with any level of training.

In addition to the waterfall from the gorge you can climb to its upper reaches, seeing the living remains of a huge mudflow. Experienced tourists will also be interested in the opportunity to get to the Sokuluk pass, which leads to the opposite side of the Kyrgyz ridge, to the valley of the West Karakol river.

The trip as usually starts from Bishkek.  You will meet with your guide and driver then you will drive on south-west to Belogorka gorge,  it will take about one and half hour. (60km - 38miles). 

The hiking starts at wooden bridge, the path is good and it goes sometime through a forest, distance about 4km one way. The waterfall is about 60 m, and it is one of the biggest in Chiy valley. 

When you get to waterfall you can do a lunch-picnic near the waterfall and you will be enjoyed by a surrounded stunning view. 

Afterwards return back to Bishkek.


  • guide
  • transport/fuiel
  • driver
  • bottle of water 1l
  • lunch-picnic

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