Majestic snowy mountains, marvelous alpine lakes, high mountain passes, hospitable nomads, swift mountain rivers and herds of free horses are all business card of Kyrgyzstan, a small country, that situated in Central Asia,
in the neighborhood of China, Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan. Unofficially Kyrgyzstan calls Oasis of Central-Asia. 

The territory of Kyrgyzstan is covered by the Tien Shan mountains by more than 94%. This is an ideal place for off-road driving, as there are so many remote and hard-to-reach places, such as: mountain gorges, magnificent alpine lakes, summer pastors for nomads, etc. 

Consequently, it makes Kyrgyzstan interesting and popular destination for international travelers, who like and looking for new unseen and unexplored places of the world. 

AdvenLife Travel offers you unforgettable off-road trips around the Kyrgyzstan.

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